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Voted “Best Coffeehouse in Baltimore,” “Best Breakfast & Brunch in South Baltimore,” and “Best Biscuits in Maryland.” Located in the heart of Fed Hill.

Sorry, We Do Not Accept Reservations

SPOONS CAFE We get it.  There are a lot of restaurants in this neighborhood.  And, heck, there are a ton of shops in Baltimore that you can get a great cup of coffee.  So what makes us so cool? Aside from the fact that we roast all of our coffee by hand in our shop? Aside from the fact that our food is made from scratch in house? Aside from the fact that we have the best biscuits in Maryland? Aside from the fact that we strive to deliver a top notch experience with every one of you, every single day? Aside from those things? Nothing. Not a damn thing…

Named Best Biscuit in Maryland

-by some really great people at the International Biscuit Festival

Roasting in Baltimore





Hours and Location:

Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Kitchen opens at 8:00 am

Located in Historic Federal Hill

24 E. Cross Street Baltimore MD, 21230

(410) 539-8395